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What are the different types of airfare?

There are three main types of airfare: economy, business, and first class. Economy is the most affordable option and is perfect for budget-minded travelers. Business and first class tickets are more expensive, but offer more amenities and perks, such as free checked baggage, priority boarding, and increased legroom. Airlines FAQs provides all information about Airlines policies.

What is the difference between a refundable and non-refundable ticket?

A refundable ticket can be returned for a full refund, while a non-refundable ticket cannot. Non-refundable tickets are usually cheaper than refundable tickets, so they are a good option for travelers who are sure of their plans. Keep in mind that even refundable tickets may have some restrictions, such as a fee for changes made within a certain time frame.

Airlines Policies

What are the baggage allowances for each airline?

Most airlines allow passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a purse or laptop, onboard. However, there are some variations among airlines, so it’s always best to check the specific policies of the airline you’ll be flying. Fees for checked baggage vary by airline as well, so be sure to factor that into your travel budget.

What are the policies for changes and cancellations?

Again, policies vary by airline, but most airlines charge a fee for making changes to a ticket, with the fee increasing the closer you get to your travel date. Cancellation policies also vary, but most airlines will charge a fee for cancelling a ticket, with the fee being higher for refundable tickets.

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