Swoop Airlines Name Change Policy

Swoop Airlines Name Change Policy

Sometimes when you are planning a vacation in excitement, you enter the ticket information incorrectly. Now as your identity proof is required by each and every airline, the name should match the name on the ID. For this reason, Swoop Airlines gives customers the option to change their name to Swoop airlines. But, before reading the Swoop airlines name change policy, you must know about what Swoop airlines is? Want to know more about the policy? Why not give a call on +1-888-982-1907 right now.

What is Swoop Airlines?

Swoop airlines is Low-cost airline based in Canada and a subsidiary of WestJet. The airline is based at Hamilton International Airport in Ontario and provides service to the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada. It was launched in June 2018.

Also, Swoop is the first Canadian ultra-low-cost airline to offer international flights. In the mid of 2018, the airline started operating its first international flights to several US locations. Now, the airline uses nine Boeing 737-800NG aircraft to fly to more than 20 destinations. The aircraft has 189 regular Economy Class seats. Swoop’s unique features include Wi-Fi, streamed in-flight entertainment, USB ports, and AC 110V power outlets available at every seat. Swoop currently offers flights to Edmonton, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Edmonton.

Key Points of Swoop Airlines Name Change Policy:

  • Flights are not transferable, as mentioned in our terms and conditions. This means that it is impossible for us to include a new passenger whose name is different in the booking. However, you can correct a spelling error at the airport.
  • If you only have one legal name (first or last), use the letters “LNU” in the first name field when booking the ticket. If you have more than one legal name, use your legal name in the last name field. Use this if your last name is unknown.
  • Middle names are not required for travelling, so there is no compulsion to add in your reservation. Middle names can be added to the secured flight details for an aircraft departing or landing in the United States or at an overseas station when completing your online check-in 24 hours prior to departure. A passenger’s first and last names must match with the documents they are using for travel.
  • Swoop Name Change does not allow passengers to update or change their names on tickets. Therefore, if you want to change your name, you must cancel your reservation. Use Swoop Airlines’ Manage Bookings tab to quickly cancel your tickets. You can make a new reservation with the correct name after cancelling the previous ones.

Steps to Change the Name on your Swoop Airlines Flight Ticket:

There are numerous ways you can manage your flight reservations with Swoop Airlines. Users that visit the Swoop website can choose the online method for Swoop Name Change Policy. Customer service is also available to help customers. The following process will help you manage your reservation with Swoop Airlines:

  • Register yourself on Swoop Airlines’ official website.
  • After signing up, select the “manage my bookings” option.
  • After selecting the tab, you’ll be redirected to the booking options.
  • The next step is, Choose the reservation which you want to cancel.
  • In order to proceed, the flyers must follow the instructions.
  • Click the “Yes, Cancel” option, to complete the cancellation procedure.
  • After the process is completed, the airline will send you a confirmation email.
  • You can now book a new flight with the correct name.

Cancel your Tickets Via Customer Care Number:

If you have any questions related toSwoop airlines name change policy, you can also get help from the customer support team. Our Customer support team is extremely responsive and available for quick help, Contact our expert at +1-888-982-1907.

FAQs related to Swoop Airlines Name Change Policy:

  1. Can I travel with an incorrect name?

Absolutely not. According to TSA regulations, the name on the passenger’s government-issued ID must match the name on the boarding pass. This is to ensure that every passenger has been fully investigated in accordance with the government’s watchlist and are qualified to fly.

  • Which locations does Swoop Airlines serve?

You can travel to many cities with Swoop airlines including Cancun, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

  • How can I correct a typo in my name?

When you identify such a mistake, get in touch with the airline right away. Generally, Swoop airlines do not allow passengers to change the name on their tickets as per Swoop Name Change Policy. To change the name on a ticket, first you need to cancel the ticket and then book a new ticket with the proper name. If you are at the airport, go to the airline’s ticket counter. And don’t worry if you forgot to include a middle initial; airlines are just concerned with first and last names. You can also connect with the customer care support team, if you have any questions related to the flight name change policy.

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