Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Making errors when booking a flight is quite common. A passenger might mistakenly mistype the name. But names are sometimes changed for other reasons besides misspellings or initial mistakes. In these cases, someone should request a name change on the boarding pass.

If you are flying with Alaska Airlines, you can use their name change policy to fix the incorrect name listed on the ticket quickly. They provide multiple choices for altering or correcting the name on an airplane ticket. Knowing the Alaska Airlines name change policy can help avoid issues when boarding a plane with inaccurate information.

Alaska Airlines Name Change on Flight Tickets Policy

Alaska Airlines has a policy that guides changing the name on an airline ticket. Customers should be sure to write their words correctly when purchasing their tickets. There are several options for customers to make name changes on their tickets.

Alaska Airlines has a name change policy for tickets that must adhere to the restrictions outlined in this policy. The airline will help a passenger change their name, but they should be aware of the conditions that allow for a name correction. 

The following circumstances apply to passengers who wish to correct an incorrect name:

  • After getting married or going through a divorce, customers can only change their last name if they provide legal proof.
  • A traveller may ask that the spelling of your name be altered.
  • The order of words for travellers can be switched.
  • If the first names are written using abbreviations, the customer can complete them.
  • According to Alaska Airlines’ policy on name changes, the middle name can be altered.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Rules:

You must adhere to the following rules to be able to change your name on an Alaska Airlines ticket:

  • Only tickets booked directly through the airline are eligible for changes or modifications.
  • Typographical and basic spelling mistakes can be corrected.
  • Only with permission from the authorities can the full name be changed.
  • Legal paperwork may need to be submitted.
  • Eligibility to change one’s name may, at times, be determined by the cost of the fare.
  • To alter plans that a third party arranged, contact the travel agent.
  • When asking for something, there may be a fee associated.
  • Before you check in with Alaska Airlines, change your name.

Changing the name of an Alaska Airlines flight for legal reasons

If a marriage or divorce occurs, Alaska Airlines allows the traveller to update the name on the ticket. The only name that can be changed is the passenger’s last name or surname. The airline may require supporting legal documents to make the name change.

The operator may ask you to provide the necessary documents so that your application for a name change can be processed further.

  • You must present valid identification, a marriage license, or a previous title if you are married.
  • You must submit the court orders and the appropriate legal paperwork for a divorce case.

Alaska Airlines Passenger Name Change Policy

The passenger cannot change the name listed on an Alaska Airlines ticket. Transferring the key to someone else by changing the name is not allowed. If you want to add a different passenger’s name, you must cancel your Alaska Airlines reservation and make a new reservation using that person’s name.

How to change the name on Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket?

Alaska Airlines has a policy for making name changes or corrections to tickets. There are both online and offline procedures available to do this. To change the name on a reservation, you can choose from one of the following options:

Method 1: Change your Name via Alaska Airlines Website

The simplest way to change a name is through the website. This method can be used online to make minor spelling corrections. To continue with name changes using this method, you must also follow these steps:

  • Go to the Alaska Airlines official website.
  • Choose the “Manage Booking” option from the home page.
  • Please provide the E-ticket number, Confirmation Code, and Passenger’s Last Name.
  • Choose “Continue” by tapping on it.
  • All the booking details will be displayed in front of you.
  • Make the necessary name changes by choosing “Change Name” and following the directions.
  • Print the ticket again, ensuring that the correct initials are included.

Note: Please note that this online method only allows you to make changes to a maximum of three characters in your name.

If you need more time to go through the long process of changing your name, we can help. Give us a call at +1-888-982-1907.

To be able to change your name online, you must meet specific requirements. According to the Alaska Airlines name change policy, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • A travelling person must buy their ticket directly from Alaska Airlines, not through a travel agency or any other outlet.
  • No government-provided rebates or reductions may be applied to the ticket price.
  • It should be something other than a group ticket for the reservation. Furthermore, the booking should be at most seven people.
  • The combinations for your ticket’s flight segments cannot exceed 8.
  • A traveller’s booking should not include any special requests, such as for pets or special services.
  • No alterations should be allowed for tickets acquired through Mileage Plan Awards. Changes to the name are only allowed for general bookings.

Method 2: Change Name via Customer Care

If you need to become more familiar with the online process, you can still change the name on the ticket through the traditional method. Alaska Airlines offers an easy way to alter the name on the key. You can contact one of Alaska Airlines’ customer service representatives through this method.

Calling the Alaska Airlines customer service line will connect you to a representative. When you reach them, explain why you are contacting the airline. If you need to change your name, you must define the appropriate reason, such as marriage or divorce, when you request.

Ensure you include all necessary reservation details when you contact a representative to change your name, such as the day of travel, the airline, and boarding card information. The representative will check your info before beginning the name change process. It is the best way to make changes at the last minute.

Method 3: Change Name via Airport Kiosk

Using the airport kiosk is a different way to change the name on a ticket. This self-service machine allows users to do a variety of tasks. You can print out boarding passes, upgrade your seat selection, and modify the name on the ticket, all from the kiosk.

This service is available to travellers at the airport. It allows a traveller to change or alter their name without going through a tedious process.

  • You can utilize the “Change Flights” option on the kiosk machine.
  • Next, view the flight schedule.
  • Moreover, provide essential details regarding the reservation.
  • To finish the process, select the name you want to alter and enter the new name.

Limitations of Alaska Airlines Name Change

Travellers can have issues with Alaska’s name-change policy. Before asking for a name change in such cases, travellers should be aware of the limitations. It is essential to be familiar with the following restrictions before making a request:

  • Passengers must ensure that the name printed on their ticket matches the name on their government-issued ID. If these names do not match, it could cause difficulties when boarding.
  • You should first correct the name if it is incorrect on the passport. Afterwards, you should request to have your name changed on the boarding pass.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Fees

If you need to make corrections or changes to your ticket, the Alaska Airlines name change policy may require you to pay a fee. However, you can avoid the price if you make the adjustments within 24 hours after booking your ticket. After 24 hours, you will be charged $125 to change the name on the ticket. This fee remains the same for every name change or correction.

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