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How You Can Inflight Wifi on American Airlines

Flying has become a more enjoyable experience by introducing in-flight wifi services on American Airlines. Whether you’re a business traveler looking to stay productive or a leisure traveler wanting to stay connected while in the air, American Airlines provides reliable, fast, and secure wifi connections to keep up with your online activities. American Airlines wifi services allow checking emails to stream movies and TV shows. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different wifi services available on American Airlines and the benefits they offer.

Internet/WiFi Access on American Airlines Flights

Almost all planes flown by American Airlines have in-flight wifi, making staying connected during your flight easy. Depending on your aircraft, you can choose from Gogo, Viasat, or Panasonic for satellite-based in-flight internet. On domestic and international flights, it offers free and paid wifi options. Read on for more information!

Free American Airlines In-Flight WiFi 

If you fly American Airlines, you can use their free in-flight entertainment component via their app. However, you must pay for a wifi plan to access free in-flight wifi. Delta offers some of the best free in-flight internet services, and you can send simple text messages without purchasing a specific paid plan.

If you want to use the internet for activities like emailing, surfing, and chatting on American Airlines flights, you must buy the AA wifi membership package. If you purchase one of American Airlines’ paid packages, you can browse the web while in the air.

Paid American Airlines In-Flight WiFi 

American Airlines customers have the option to pre-pay for wifi services for domestic flights, as well as pay for it onboard for both domestic and international flights. If you purchase the appropriate Plan or package, you can get online while traveling with American Airlines. Various price options are available, so you can select the Plan that best fits your needs.

American Airlines offers both pre-flight and onboard wifi plans for domestic flights. However, international flights only allow onboard purchases. You can purchase the subscription package of your choice in three ways: by visiting the websites of Gogo, Viasat, or Panasonic, the service providers. Panasonic wifi is primarily used on international flights, while Gogo and Viasat mainly use domestic flights. The plans for American Airlines’ domestic and international flights are listed below.

Gogo: The following are Gogo’s wifi packages for domestic travel: 

American Airlines offers two Viasat-Wifi plans for travelers on domestic routes: a single-device plan for $49.95 plus monthly tax and a two-device plan for $59.95 plus VAT per month.

One-hour Plan – $12.00

Full-flight – $16.00

The following home wifi plans are available to Panasonic users: 

Two-hour Plan – $12.00

Four-hour Plan – $17.00

Full-flight Plan – $19.00

Onboard American Airlines WiFi Plan

American Airlines offers Gogo inflight wifi on most of its flights. On board, you can purchase different packages for domestic and international flights. The prices for these wifi plans are shown below.

Two hours of internet access – $12.00

Four hours of internet access – $17.00

Internet access for the length of the flight – $19.00

How to Connect WiFi to American Airlines Flight?

Ensure that you have a device compatible with wifi and that your airplane

has a wifi connection if you want to access American Airlines wifi. Follow these steps to connect to the wifi on an AA flight:

First, turn your smartphone’s airplane mode on. 

Then, enable the wifi on your device. 

From the list of available wifi networks, select ‘AA-Inflight’. 

You will then be directed to AA’s main wifi portal. 

If you are having trouble connecting, open your device’s browser and type in ‘’. 

Select ‘Get online’, and if you are an AAdvantage Member, enter your AAdvantage number and password. 

If you are not a member, you can still purchase a wifi plan as a guest and start browsing.

In-Flight WiFi Service Providers on American Airlines Flights

Let’s look at the list of American Airlines planes that have wifi installed and the multiple providers that offer it.

WiFi Service Providers

Gogo: 93 – Airbus A319; 5 – Airbus A319; 48 – Airbus A320; 5 – Boeing 757

Viasat: Fifteen Airbus A330-200s, nine Airbus A330-300s, twenty Boeing 787-8s, forty-seven Boeing 777-200s, twenty-one Boeing 767-300s, twenty Boeing 777-300ERs, twenty-four Boeing 757-200s, twenty-two Boeing 787-9s, and forty-seven Boeing 772s.

Panasonic: 32 – Airbus A319; 219 Airbus A321; 6 – Airbus A321neo; 303 Boeing 737-800; 24 – Boeing 737MAX

Compatible Devices for AA In-Flight WiFi

Any device with wifi capabilities, such as laptops, tablets, Android, and Apple smartphones, can connect to American Airlines’ in-flight wifi and internet. Passengers can use any of the following browsers to access the in-flight internet or wifi on American Airlines:

  • Using Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Explorer
  • Safari 

American Airlines WiFi Customer Support Details

To discuss any wifi services or other issues you may be experiencing; you can contact the AA inflight customer service staff via phone, email, or live chat. Here are the details:

AA inflight Phone Number: +1-888-982-1907

AA inflight Live chat at:

AA inflight email address:


American Airlines ensures that passengers have the best experience possible on their flights, operating more than 6400 flights per day to nearly 350 domestic and international destinations. Passengers on American Airlines flights have wifi access to stream movies, use messaging services, and do online shopping. The airline also has a large portion of its fleet with installed high-speed wifi and plans to equip all domestic and international aircraft with faster satellite-based wifi soon.

Whether you’re flying domestically within the US or internationally, like a Denver to India or Atlanta to India flight on American Airlines, you can trust that their internet service quality and speed will be reliable.


Does American Airlines’ in-flight wifi support Netflix?

The wifi on American Airlines airplanes allows you to watch Netflix content on your computer and cell phone.

Can I buy the AA wifi subscription plan after I’ve joined?

Once you get on the plane, you can purchase the American Airlines WiFi package that best suits your needs.

How can I receive a refund for American Airlines wifi?

If you want a refund for American Airlines wifi, call customer service at +1-888-982-1907.

Can you make voice calls or text using american airlines wifi?

On American Airlines, you cannot make voice calls on your cell phone or through apps like WhatsApp and Skype when using the in-flight wifi. Additionally, unlike other airlines, American Airlines does not provide a service to send or receive regular text messages. However, if you have the AA In-flight wifi enabled, you can still send text messages using apps such as Whatsapp.

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