Manage my Flight Trips

 How to Manage my Trips on Flights

Over the last four years I’ve traveled to 13 countries I’ve gotten lost in the busiest airports in the world. I have been to some so tiny the same person that checked my bags also scanned me into my flight. My planes been delayed it’s been early and once I ran to a random connecting gate and snagged the last ticket on a plane to San Francisco. 

I’ve gotten lucky a few times and been upgraded to first class where they feed you the yummy food. I’ve also sat in the toilet zone and even some well interesting food as exhausting as it can be.

I love airports and I love manage my trips it feels me and feeds my sense of adventure after hopping on a flight or two I’ve discovered some helpful hacks that make traveling less stressful.

Whether you’re a newbie Nomad or a frequent flyer I hope these manage my trips help make your traveling more comfortable.

My first travel tip is to always book your flight seat in advance I always want the window seat hands down I could spend hours looking out the window taking in the world from above. I don’t know something about seeing everything below helps me relax and remember how tiny we are. Somehow it makes my problems seem a little smaller whether you’re an owl a person or a window seat.

Like me booking your seat in advance will eliminate the anxiety of not knowing what to expect when you board the plane. Next is to dress comfy when people first started flying it was a really big deal the women would get dressed up in fancy dresses with pearls and heels to get on a plane a less. I’m going straight to an event I cannot imagine sitting for hours on a plane and a dress and walking through the airport with all my luggage in a pair of heels.

Wear something comfy on the plane like yoga pants and a sweater and if you’re wearing sandals don’t forget to pack an extra pair of socks because it’s always cold in the plane.

Piggybacking off that point if you’re always cold bring a blanket with you because it’s pretty much always cold on the planes and it’s the worst when you’re trying to sleep and relax but you can’t because you’re freezing.

The next one is to bring snacks I eat pretty much every two to three hours so if you put me on a four hour flight with no food I actually might die. I always pack snacks and sometimes even meals when I fly. Because you never know what to expect on these flights sometimes the food is amazing other times they just give you peanuts. So if you’re a picky about manage my trips eater and to avoid getting grumpy pack a few of your favorite things so that you’re prepared for the flight if you’re trying to watch what you’re eating. This will also help you stay on track. Next is to bring headphones planes come with a lot of unwanted boys crying babies louder announcements the buzz of the propellers wouldn’t be nice to just tune all of that out and spend some quiet time in your own peaceful Zen. 

That’s why I highly recommend investing in some good pair of noise cancelling headphones these have saved my life on flights and either helped me focus when I’m working sleep or just relax without being distracted.

The next one is to download all your movies and music ahead of time unless you want to pay $60 for Wi-Fi on a flight. You will not be able to download anything during manage my trip once you get up in the air do yourself a favor and download all your movies and music ahead of time at home where you have Wi-Fi so that when you get in the air you can just relax. 

If you have problems sleeping on planes and bring a neck pillow I know these kind of looks silly but if it’s the difference between getting a solid nap or a good night’s sleep then it’s worth it. I have one that’s really lightweight that wraps around your neck and attaches like a scarf that is so great at supporting my neck and back. 

My next manage my trip tip  is to bring your own water bottle one of the hardest things to do while traveling is to stay hydrated. So what I do is bring my favorite plastic water bottle with me so that I can fill it up in the airports. You won’t be able to travel through security with any liquid but if you just bring an empty bottle with you. You can fill it up right when you get inside the terminal and then continue to fill it up throughout your day. They only give you little cups of water on the flight so if you have this water bottle with you you’re more likely to drink more water and stay hydrated.

 My next manage my trip tip is to get TSA PreCheck I think my least favorite part about airports i standing in line for security because during busy times of the day that security line can take forever. I never want to miss my flight I always just want to get in be quick and you get to my gate tsa PreCheck is super easy all you have to do is go online and fill out an application.

I think it’s only eighty five dollars for five years so it’s pretty affordable and it will save your life honestly. It feels so good to be able to go into the TSA PreCheck line and skip ahead of all of the people waiting in line for security  TSA PreCheck. It’ll change your life my last tip to make me travel more comfortable is to write a thank-you note and bring a little gift for your flight attendants you might feel uncomfortable doing this. 

I have a friend who’s a flight attendant and she has told me stories of people that have come on her flight and hand her thank-you note or maybe a chocolate bar or a $5 Starbucks gift card and it totally changes her day it makes her and the crew so happy and not like I’m encouraging you to bribe people but you get good treatment. When you’re on the flight so if you put your seat number next to the thanking though you might get an extra snack or something fun from the flight attendants. I’m trying to adopt this practice of thanking my flight attendants and just showing my appreciation whether or not I get anything from them because they do work so hard and traveling like that all the time is really exhausting and stressful.

So if I can give them one thing to brighten their day or encourage them then I want to do that. 

Those are manage my trip top ten tips of how to make traveling less stressful and more comfy.


From above supplied information you can easily manage your flight trips and enjoy your journey.  Always keep in mind to follow above mentioned manage my trips things to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

Most of us are not ready for uncomfortable trip issues. It’s better to start preparing early for your itinerary.  Start booking for your journey early and save on bucks and avail most of comfort.

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