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It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has had a historic economic impact on airlines. You may remember that as we emerged from previous tough times, we made difficult decisions to survive financially, but sometimes at the expense of customer service, either by adding new fees or cutting the things that make the experience of flying better, simply because they were too expensive. United Airlines won’t be following that same playbook as we come out of this crisis. 

Instead, we’re taking a completely different approach, and looking at ways to serve you better instead of defaulting to cuts. And to start that commitment, we’re permanently getting rid of change fees on standard Economy and Premium tickets for travel within the U.S. Change is inevitable these days, but it’s how we respond to change that matters most. When we hear from customers about where we can improve,getting rid of this fee is often the top request.

And that’s why we’re taking this moment to become the first U.S. legacy airline to get rid of this fee, forever. Simply put, given the evolving face of travel, now and going forward, it’s the right thing to do.

We’re also extending our change fee waivers for tickets to international destinations as well as on Basic Economy fares until at least the end of the year. But when it comes to flexibility, we’re not stopping there. Beginning January 1, every customer will be able to fly standby for an earlier flight that day, if they’d like, free of charge, if a seat is available.

United is the only U.S. airline that will let all customers fly same-day standby for free. And, as a benefit to all MileagePlus Premier members, during the check-in window, they’ll be able to select an earlier or later flight on their same route and travel day,free of charge, when a seat is open in the same fare class.

Our goal is to help you make the most of any change flight booking that comes your way by giving you more flexibility than ever before.

Across the board, we’re doubling down on an improved customer experience, and building on our commitment to a future where…

– We’re putting safety and cleanliness at the forefront of your travel experience. United CleanPlus, with our partners, Clorox and Cleveland Clinic, is just one more way we aim to set the global standard for travel.

– We creatively reimagine our route network with new flights and increased service to destinations customers want to fly the most. Stay tuned for some exciting new announcements in the weeks to come.

– We reward loyalty better than anyone by offering the best benefits to Premiers,extending MileagePlus Premier status through January 2022,and making it even easier to reach a higher status.

– And we continue to lead our peers in investing in true sustainability,and reducing our impact on the environment. I’m confident we’ll be an even better airline on the other side of this crisis.

And that starts now by offering you greater flexibility.


Once you finished all above steps you will be able to change flight booking and manage to pay very less for making changes to your flight booking.

Make sure you do that on airlines site to get most out of the booking flight tickets.

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