Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

If you have already made a flight reservation, whether it was weeks or just today, and your plans have changed, you can easily adjust your flight with a few steps. You don’t need to worry about airline change fees, but you may be responsible for additional charges. You must follow Alaska Airlines’ flight change policy to get the total credit amount when making changes to an existing reservation.

You may have observed that Alaska Airlines has three distinct fare categories: Saver, Main, and First Class. Every fare type has its own Alaska flight alteration procedure. There is no cost for changing an Alaska Airlines reward travel, though some restrictions exist.

Let’s look at Alaska’s flight change policies before adjusting our flight.

  • Alaska Airlines does not charge a fee for changing a flight, but any difference in the fare will be applied. 
  • There is no charge for making same-day confirmed flight changes at the check-in counter, online, by phone to the airport customer service, or at the airport kiosk if you select the option to change flights.
  • Select an Alaska Airlines flight that leaves on the same day of the week with no fee for changing the reservation.
  • When transferring between flights, the same starting point, destination, and any cities in between must remain the same. Additionally, Alaska Airlines does not permit passengers to change terminals.
  • It is not allowed to change the flight on the same day for those taking vacation packages.
  • Passengers making group tickets can only purchase same-day flights at group reservation counters. It is Alaska Airlines’ policy to change flights.
  • If you cannot make it to your flight’s departure time, you can reschedule it. It would help if you made the necessary adjustments to your flight before it took off, as per the policy of Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines’ refund policy states that you are only eligible for a credit for future travel.

Alaska 24-hour Flight Change Policy

Almost all US airlines consider a 24-hour cancellation and change policy one of their best practices. To give customers the ability to make a quick and easy decision if their plans change, Alaska provides its clients with a 24-hour flight change policy. However, the following scenarios are included in the policy:

  • If done within 24 hours of the original booking, passengers can make some particular changes to their current reservation without paying additional fees, even if they purchased a Saver Fare.
  • Those who have purchased Saver Fare tickets may be obligated to pay the difference in fare (if applicable).
  • After the 24 hours, where there is no risk, holders of both primary and first-class tickets are allowed to make one free change to their itinerary.

Alaska Flight Change Policy for Different Fares

Saver Fares: 

  • Saver Fares are not able to be changed or refunded.
  • Changes to a booking must be made within 24 hours, or else you may have to pay an extra fee.
  • If your Saver Fare is eligible for the “Peace of Mind Waiver,” you can change your travel plans.
  • To be eligible to make changes under the “Peace of Mind Waiver” policy, you must first cancel the flight and rebook it.

Primary and First Class Fare:

  • Alaska no longer charges fees for changing Main and First Class ticket prices.
  • You must pay a change fee if you change your flight the day before it departs.
  • Even though there is no fee to make a change, if the new flight is more expensive than the old one, you may still have to pay the difference in fare.
  • If your next flight is cheaper than the first one, Alaska will give you back the price difference.

Award Fares:

  • Making changes to an Alaska Airlines booking with reward points does not cost anything.
  • If your new flight costs more than the one you previously took, you may need to add more miles to cover the additional expense.

Steps to Change Alaska Flights

  • Go to the Alaska Airlines official website.
  • Please enter the surname of the traveler and the e-ticket confirmation code.
  • Choose “Continue.”
  • “Choosing ‘Change the Trip’ should be the option.”
  • Select “Change Flight” from the column labeled “Departing Flight.”
  • You can select a different flight by clicking the “Next” button. You will be required to pay the fare difference.
  • To accept the changes, click Checkout.

Alaska Same-day Flight Change

Alaskan same-day flight changes are subject to a fee ranging from $25 to $50. However, you are exempt from paying the fare difference. During check-in, you can change your flight for the same day, but it must be done before the original flight’s scheduled departure time. You can also modify a different flight leaving the same day from the exact origin to the same destination. It means you can change your name, seat, or departure time on the same day as the flight.

Alaska Schedule Change Policy

If Alaska Airlines changes the flight’s departure or arrival time or adds a stop on the route, you are eligible for a full refund. Even if the flight is delayed by one hour, you will still qualify for a refund.

Alaska Flight Change Fee

Alaska has done away with its change fee except for Basic Economy tickets (sometimes known as Saver prices). However, in rare instances, a change fee of between 0 and 500 US dollars may need to be paid.

  • Alaska has eliminated the cancellation fee for Main and First class airfare.
  • Mileage Plan members don’t have to pay any fees for changes or cancellations of their flights.
  • If changes are made to the schedule after a 24-hour window with no financial risk, Saver Fare ticket holders will be charged a fee of between $25 and $50.
  • Passengers must pay a fee ranging from 25 US Dollars to 50 US Dollars for same-day changes.

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