Can you Bring Sports Equipments on a Plane

Can you Bring Sports Equipments on a Plane?

Occasionally, people journey to other cities to take part in sporting activities. It could involve surfing in Bali or skiing in the Swiss Alps. Many sports fans already own their gear and choose to take it with them on their travels rather than renting it when they get there. Is it possible to fit all your sports gear into your carry-on bag?

The size of sports equipment that can be brought on a plane as a carry-on item.

Due to size and weight restrictions, specific sports gear may not be permitted in your carry-on luggage when flying on an airplane. Bringing sporting equipment with you is often tricky as a cabin bag.

Safety issues with sports equipment as carry-on

Due to the potential for sports equipment to be used as weapons, the TSA and other security agencies worldwide do not allow specific sports gear to be taken on airplanes. 

Examples of sporting items that are not allowed in carry-on luggage include baseball or cricket bats, ski poles, hockey sticks, golf clubs, pool cues, knives that are used for sports or hunting, bows and arrows, and martial arts weapons. According to the airline’s regulations, these items must be put in your checked baggage. Baseball bats are not permitted in hand luggage as they may be seen as a weapon.

Specific Equipment Types

It is advisable to contact the airline before travelling to determine if any sports equipment must be packed as a carry-on. Generally speaking, items may be brought on board as long as they are not a security risk and meet the airline’s size restrictions.

Balls in Carry-on

When packing your carry-on luggage, it’s okay to include soccer balls, basketballs, and other types of inflatable balls. However, it’s essential to ensure they are securely fastened so they don’t roll around and disappear. Be sure to deflate them before packing them in your bag.

It is wise to let the air out of a ball before boarding a flight, as pressure fluctuations during flight can cause the ball to pop if it is fully inflated.

 While this is unlikely to be a concern for some airlines, it’s best to be safe and take precautions, especially when dealing with low-quality balls more prone to bursting.

Skates in carry-on

You can typically bring ice skates, roller skates, and roller blades in your carry-on bag. However, taking your skates with you on the plane is not recommended.

Tennis rackets in carry-on

Tennis Racket

TSA allows you to bring a tennis racket in your carry-on baggage, but it is essential to check the airline you’re flying with to ensure your racket fits within their size limitations for hand luggage.

Motorcycle Helmets in carry-on

It is always a good idea to check with your airline, but typically they will accept them as long as they meet the size requirements.


You are allowed to bring a basketball with you on the airplane, as long as it does not exceed the size of a carry-on for that particular airline.

Yes, you can bring a football on a plane in both carry-on and checked baggage.

Passengers are able to bring ball pumps on a plane in their checked luggage without any problems. It is also allowed to be brought in hand luggage if it is able to fit in the carry-on suitcase. There may be a need to go through additional screening at security checkpoints. If the pump has a pin, it is suggested to take it out and place it in a separate bag.

You are allowed to bring boxing gloves either in your carry-on or checked luggage without any restrictions.

You are able to take a set of golf clubs on a plane, however they must be checked and can not be taken as a carry-on item.

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