Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

The most certain aspects of Southwest Airlines’ baggage policy are present. Passengers must refrain from prepaying for their luggage at the time of their reservations. To avoid complications in the event of Flight cancellation, it implies that you must pay for the bags at the airport’s ticketing counter. Every passenger’s bag is examined and inspected physically. To prevent confusion, it is advised to identify the bags clearly and to provide identification both inside and outside the bags.

What is Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy?

Southwest Airlines has one of the most accommodating baggage rules of all airlines. On all fares, your first two bags are Complimentary, and each additional bag costs just USD 75.

You may bring the following items in accordance with Southwest Airlines’ luggage regulations:

  • 1 Free Personal Item (must fit under your front seat)
  • Complimentary one carry-on bag (per weight and size restrictions)
  • sporting goods Depending on the restrictions and charges that apply
  • musical apparatuses Depending on the restrictions and charges that apply

All customers travelling on Southwest Airlines are permitted two FREE carry-on items (1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag), two FREE checked bags, and mobility and assistance devices, musical instruments, and sporting goods under certain circumstances.

Southwest Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

You are permitted to check one personal item and one carry-on item FREE of charge with Southwest Airlines, subject to the following size and weight restrictions:

  • Personal Baggage (1)
  • maximal size (incl. handle, pockets and wheels) 18.5 in x 8.5 in x 13.5 in 46.9 cm x 21.5 cm x 34.2 cm
  • Max weight without limitations

It must fit beneath your front seat.

  • Examples include a purse, briefcase, camera, food container, and laptop (with case)
  • Carry-on Bag(1)
  • the largest size (incl. handle, pockets and wheels) is 60.9cm x 40.6cm x 25.4cm x 24 in. x 16 in. x 10 in.
  • highest weight No limitations
  • capable of fitting in the overhead bin

Southwest Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

No of the class of service, all customers are permitted two free checked bags per person under Southwest Airlines’ baggage policy.

  • Quantity of bags Max dimensions: two (incl. handles and wheels)
  •  Bags measure 62 linear inches/157 cm in length, width, and height.
  • Bag maximum weight 50 lb/23 kg

Starting three hours before departure, passengers can check in their checked bags at the airport’s ticket desk, curbside (for domestic flights only), or at a self-tagging kiosk. However, using the Fly By Priority check-in lanes at specific airports allows Business Select customers and Rapid Rewards A-List members to check in their luggage quickly.

Southwest Airlines Late Check-in Baggage

Within the timeframes specified, your luggage must be checked in. If you check your bags in after departure, it will be considered a “Late Check,” and your luggage might not travel with you to your destination (within 45 minutes or less).

  • Additional charges can apply to any size or weight that exceeds the maximum.
  • According to Southwest Airlines’ baggage policy, the following items are not permitted as carry-ons or personal belongings:
  • If there is space, one child restraint system is available for a youngster who has a ticket or when it’s free.
  • For travellers with disabilities, assistive technology and mobility aids.
  • outerwear or additional wearing clothing.
  • food that can be consumed during flight, but only in one-time-use containers.
  • walking canes and umbrellas.

Details about Oversized, Overweight and Extra Baggage

According to the Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy, the airline offers two free checked baggage for each passenger. You must pay extra if you have more than two checked bags.

American military personnel and their immediate dependents are permitted an exception. What about overweight, large, and excess luggage?

Oversized Baggage 

Each luggage that exceeds the permitted dimensions is subject to a 75 USD surcharge. Oversized baggage is any luggage measuring 160-292 millimetres or 63-115 inches (linear). According to Southwest Airlines’ baggage policy, the airline will not accept checked baggage if it exceeds the specified limit.

Overweight Baggage

There are baggage weight limits set by each airline. Weight limitations apply to checked baggage on Southwest as well. The allowed weight is 50 pounds or 23 kilogrammes. Oversized bags are defined as those weighing between 24 and 46 kilogrammes and 51 pounds. Each large bag costs USD 75 from the airline.

Southwest will only accept bags weighing up to 46 kilos or 100 pounds. Therefore they won’t be counted as checked luggage.

Extra Baggage

Passengers must pay an additional fee of 75 USD per item beginning with the third checked bag because the first two checked baggage are free of charge. For several routes, the baggage policy of Southwest Airlines has been changed. There is a limit of just two checked baggage per traveller on these trips.

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